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Our 2016 Winners

Here are our 2016 Winners. Each of their stories are unique and a tribute to their determination to come through.

Cameron Binns
King James – Cricket

Cameron is a Year 11 student at King James’s Cameron has never let his autism stop him from engaging in the sports that he loves. In fact his positive engagement in a range of sports, especially cricket, has enabled him to become a well rounded, socially successful young man. Cameron will be the first to admit that he struggles with powerful feelings of frustration and anger and is also not the most organised of students. However, through a range of sports, especially cricket, Cameron has learned to be a great team player, much valued, respected and relied upon by his team.
He has learned how to follow and respect rules and how to express high and low emotional roller coaster of sporting success and disappointment in a mature and socially acceptable way. Cameron has also learned how to successfully interact with a range of people of different ages, often older than himself. Cameron is also known to be a honourable loser, able to recognise when his opposition deserves his respect and recognition. Many of his sporting peers will be unaware that he even has autism.

Abi Hammitt
Harrogate Hot Shots – Swimming

While Abi pursued her goals of a national swimming time and making national championships. She collapsed at a gala with shortness of breath and a tight chest, with further investigation they discovered a hole in her heart. stopping her training and limiting her ability to train stopping her plans to make the national squad.
Abi despite disappointment picked her self up and committed to volunteering with our disability group where she has been a constant source of motivation and committed to the group helping many of them achieve national and international times. She freely volunteers making herself available for weekends and evenings without hesitation and complaint.

Fergus Moon
Ripon Grammar –Rugby

Fergus has diabetes but manages his condition virtually on his own. All credit to him that he manages so well whilst boarding at Ripon Grammar School. Fergus rarely visits the medical room which demonstrates what a good job he is doing managing his condition.
He has managed his diabetes right from the day he was diagnosed in June 2014. His consultants at St James University Hospital in Leeds are also very pleased with his diabetic control. As well as achieving well at his academic work, he has been in the House Drama competition and is a member of the 2nd form rugby team. His diabetes really does not stop him doing anything. He commits himself fully to everything he does and is a shining example to everyone who knows him

Jamie Watson
Harrogate Hot Shots –Swimming

Jamie has Erb’s Palsy which means and it means he has limited use of his arm. He is part of the Harrogate para swim club and trains under Richard Hessleton a the Hydro. He swims 4 times a week (1 early morning session and 3 after school sessions). Just this year alone he has beaten all his Personal Bests in all the strokes. His best stroke is butterfly. He managed to get 4 qualifying times and is competing in the Nationals in December.

Will Browning
Harrogate Hot Shots – Swimming

Will is 15 years old and has Down’s syndrome. He uses swimming as a way of improving his social interaction, getting the opportunity to meet lots of other young people. Will’s attitude to training is incredible, he always has a smile on his face and works well with other people on his lane motivating them as well. He is now working to improve his independence in training and developing his race skills. When Will first joined the squad he followed the other swimmers and copied their swimming. Now he is a permanent member he leads his lane, engaging with the other swimmers, tells them what they’re doing next and motivates them.

Clemmie Lumsden
Ripon Grammar – Dance

Clemmie has diabetes but she does not let that condition define her, she has studied dance for many years and has all the traits of a sports enthusiast, dedication, commitment and never give in within her own area of passion. When lessons are missed through hospital appointments and time off poorly Clemmie is hardworking and catches up on work missed. Entry to

When lessons are missed through hospital appointments and time off poorly Clemmie is hardworking and catches up on work missed. Entry to sixth form this year has meant a new routine for her to come to terms with but as usual she has taken it in her stride and refuses to be phased by it all. Everyone who knows Clemmie can relate to her grit and she is a shining example to us all.

Tom Mudd
St Aidans – Swimming

Tom is a pupil at St Aidan’s and has overcome significant personal challenges with an Educational Health Plan for Attention Disorder, Dyspraxia and Autistic Spectrum Condition. That he presents now as a student with a good academic profile is no small way testament to his fine personal qualities. He has never let his disabilities become an excuse for under achievement and has been single minded in his pursuit of success.

Swimming with Harrogate Hotshots has given him a calmness and the ability to cope with anxieties. In the past if other students misbehaved within the sessions he couldn’t cope but now he is a role model for other students. In the last two months Tom has received an unconditional offer of place at Liverpool Hope University and offers from four other universities, something that looked impossible to reach 7 years ago but which now enables him along with his family to plan for the future.

Reuban Duford
Nidderdale High – Kayak, Horseriding and swimming

Reuben suffered with fits during year 7 and underwent a period of uncertain times as he went through a number of visits and tests with the hospital. This knocked his confidence and he stopped playing all sport for 12 months period but then urged by his teachers and parents took up sport again. Reuben has found a real passion for sport in the last couple of years after being inspired by his granddad who use to make kayaks. He also rides whenever he can and swims.
Reuben now studies GCSE PE and has been achieving above his target grade so far. He has shown incredible determination both during sport and in the classroom. He has a caring nature and inspires other to take part. Sport is now part of his life and takes part regularly. His family couldn’t be prouder of his achievements.

Sam McGuire
Harrogate Hot Shots – Swimming

Since Sam has joined Harrogate’s disability swimming squad he has developed many different social skills mixing with other young adults and children with Down Syndrome and other physical and mental disabilities. He has become a much more confident through his passion for swimming.
Sam always looks at the positives in everything and will give anything a go. He brightens up the mood of the whole squad including the coaches and is a constant source of entertainment and laughter. He puts his all into everything he is asked to do even if he doesn’t want to do it!

Arron Simpson
Harrogate Hot Shots – Swimming

Arron came for a trial 4 years ago but didn’t reach the required standard for the squad. he worked hard within his swimming lessons and progressed to joining the squad. Arron’s work ethic is exemplary he continues to strive to better himself. and work with the team and enjoys their successes. He has progressed to a standard where he can compete.

Training has given him a broader friendship group helped him develop physically and provided a focus within his life. His outgoing enthusiastic nature has endeared him to the hole team expanding his friendship group. Arron determination is an inspiration to the other members of the team.